Of Time and Fate

by The Vox Arcanum

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    Has he altered your fate?

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The Vox Arcanum is a being of time and fate. As an immortal, he walks the lines between life and death, in between every moment, and beyond the farthest stars in existence. He has seen the universe explode into existence and he has seen the last light of the last star fade into darkness countless times.


Nothing fascinates The Vox Arcanum more than the miracle of life, of true consciousness, and above all... emotion. He examines it from afar, and sometimes up close. Humanity intrigues him ever so. In his endless walk through the infinite universes, The Vox Arcanum steps in from time to time in the most pivotal of situations where the greatest emotions are at stake - and he offers his services. To allow someone to wield their own destiny by being given a CHOICE.

The Vox Arcanum does this, if only to feel. To justify his own eternity with some kind of meaning.


released June 21, 2017

The Vox Arcanum:
Tony Garcia - Lead Vox/Guitar
Brandon Kawasaki - Drums
Julio Almaguer - Keyboards/Vox
Mike Gaeta - Bass/Vox
Frank Gastelum - Lead Guitar

With Special Guests:
Ben Karas - 5 String Electric Violin
Rudy Abraham Salas - "Undone" Piano (Written by Tony Garcia

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Rudy Abraham Salas at The Back Room Studio in Los Angeles, California

Violins recorded by James Stivaly at Guerilla Recording in Passaic, New Jersey. Violins written by Ben Karas in collaboration with Tony Garcia

Music and lyrics written by The Vox Arcanum



all rights reserved


The Vox Arcanum Los Angeles, California

The Vox Arcanum is a Prog Rock/Alt Rock group out of East LA, established January 2014. We are a 5 piece band consisting of Tony (Guitar/Vox), Brandon (Drums), Julio (Keys), Mike (Bass), and Frank (Lead Guitar) that came together with a variety of influences to create set piece rock and epic anthems.

Has he altered your fate?
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Track Name: Undone
Time. Fate. Destiny. Infinity. Undone.
Track Name: Lomond
Her fate now in my hands, broken the family ties. My life distraught for you've taken my heart and soul. I've come to find this part of me is gone and somehow I'm fighting back the memories... I've gone too far now, there's no turning back. With the light of this room, I wish it were not true. Witness to my own sin, bloodshed of my own kin.

My dear Avon. I won't ever forget these last moments, wish it didn't have to happen this way.
Track Name: Chronofatum
In that fatal incident, walking lines between life and death: symmetry. No halves of this whole.

"Fighting through me... why can't I seem to redeem my sanity?"

Writhing, breathing out the truth. "Your past unfolds before you"

"What will become of me?"

Time and fate, Destiny.

"You can retrace crucial steps of that fateful night. Undo your mistakes, make things right. Chronofatum - here."

"Set yourself free. Do not fear what's to come, do not fear Destiny. Set yourself free."
Track Name: O'Ryan's Death Wish
"That storm in the distance, I hear that it will wreak havoc across all the seas like no other storm before it."

"You mean to protect me, but I don't think you understand -"

"Sail now? Insanity! You must have some kind of death wish. O'Ryan please don't go without me. Just let me go if you love me. If you insist to go, then I insist to be by your side and face oblivion - together I won't fear to die."

"My darling you mean well, but this talk is sheer nonsense. My decisions are my own, the sea is no place for a girl."

"O'Ryan! O'Ryan! Please don't go!"

"Set me adrift, through my regrets I must sift."

"Please don't go, O'Ryan"
"Here now, I am taken asunder. Here now, I am taking us under."
Track Name: In Due Time
"Foretell this to me, that in a matter of just three weeks time my love will pass at sea unless I am to trek out to him - because I am the only one who must save O'Ryan and give up my own life.

I'll be there in due time, to write my fate alive. I'll be there in due time, I know that I won't leave you adrift. I'm coming for you dear, my dear.

I'm not finished yet! I'm not leaving without him.

Forsake your words I simply just don't believe we three are tied to only one fate or another. To choose a path is not enough I will be that one who will pave a new road for my very own fate.

I'll be there in due time, to write my fate alive. I'll be there in due time, I know that I won't leave you adrift. I know in my heart I won't fail."

"I'm not finished yet! You're not leaving here with him!"
Track Name: Cross Over
I still can't believe that you came for me, my sweet Arabelle. What have I ever done to deserve a love limitless as yours. Now I've gone and lost my one true love. But I won't let you cross over, I've been without you for much too long, I won't lose you now. And I'm so sorry, for all this. I should have listened to my own heart, and stayed with you.

But then again,

I never seemed to see that you were all the things my heart wanted, here. I always tend to pull away from all those that I hold so dear. But I won't make these same mistakes again.

Now that you're back I'll never forget to say that I love you ever again. And I will always, I'll always, love you.
Track Name: Avon
Surface this jealousy, blood lust knows no end.

"I'll give you suffering you can't comprehend. Your betrayal now led to her murder. How could you do this to me my brother? You broke your promises. You have forced my hand, for this I have wrought payment with her blood. I will find your resting place next to hers."

"With this, I see what you've become. I wish it wasn't so, Avon."

"Despite your final words - you are weak, dead to me! You have no right to see light of day for your treachery!"

"Avon, please don't force me to do this!"

Witness your fates come Undone.